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Fast Response to Signs of Waste System Issues

Depending on the issues you are experiencing, ABC Cesspool & Septic Pumping of Kamuela will quickly identify the problem with an inspection. We can run a line from our truck into your septic tank or cesspool and use powerful vacuum pumps to remove gray water and loose substances. Solidified sludge will be broken up and pumped out of the system.


We can help you save time and money by raising your residential, commercial, or industrial septic system's covers to ground level for easier access. Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

• Locate the system and uncover access holes

• Flush the toilets and check for signs of backup

• Measure scum and sludge layers

• Identify any leaks

• Inspect mechanical components

• Pump the tank, if necessary

We Follow a Proven Service Checklist

• Slow drainage when flushing toilets

• Water backup in sink, toilet, tub, and washing machine

• Unusual gurgling when running water or flushing toilets

• Grass that's a deeper green than the surrounding area

• Soil depressions and noticeably soggy areas in the lawn

• Unpleasant odors in or around the house

Look for Signs of Septic System Failure

To set up septic system video inspections for real estate deals, call today:


ABC Cesspool & Septic Pumping is certified by the State of Hawaii Department of Health and the National Association of Wastewater Transporters (NAWT).